O&R Samui wedding

The spring - it’s the most hot season in Koh Samui. The winds are getting lighter and the waves are going away at this time on the island. And water in the sea becomes quite and light blue color.

The Olga’s and Ron’s wedding was celebrated in one of those beautiful days. It was one more international wedding. Olga is from Russia and Ron is from Australia.

The event was quite big. About 50 people flew in from different places. And the ceremony took place at the big private villa in the southeast of the island.

Our team set off the work afternoon when all people were dressed up and looked stunning. There decided to start the wedding ceremony while the sun was sticking high. For the photos were bright and saturated.

In spite of very hot weather all groom’s friends were wearing suits and looked amazing. Only cold beer could make them survived in that hot day.

While the guests having fun we had time to took some classic portrait with bride and her family. After that we were getting ready for ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful stunning. The couple exchanged theirs vows and rings, received congratulations from the guests. After that we left the ceremony place for some sunset photographs.

When we come back from shooting the banquet tables were set up and everyone was waiting beautiful wedding couple. The party whit different entertainment was lasted until midnight.