D&T Phuket wedding

This time I want to share with you about the experience i had in Phuket. I like very much to work on this island because I find more and more exciting by its perspectives.
I was happy to meet wonderful couple from India: Dell & Trisha
And their wedding was happening in a very beautiful villa Aqualia with a stunning sea view.

Our team worked on this event three days. It started from pre-party in the beach club Cafe del mar. And if at the beginning the guests were quiet shy but close to the evening they hit the dance floor.

Next day in the morning everyone was enjoying the sunshine and light breakfast around the pool. By noon the wedding arch was setted up while the guests were dressing up and getting ready for the ceremony on the Sunset. It was planned for sunset time in order to avoid the hit of the hot day.

I like when i have plenty of time to get the perfect photos of the wedding dress, rings, shoes and the other wedding accessories. Also during this time I’m getting close ups of the makeup and hairstyle. Right after preparation is the best time for the portraits of the bride and groom.

On the Sunset everyone was invited to the ceremony site by the pool.

After ceremony we had a few minutes before the dusk to take pictures of the couple on the beach and capture the spectacular view of the ocean and colorful sky.

When we got back to the villa the reception room was completely set up. The party lasted until midnight and the whole next day was dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.